You Are Now Running On Reserved Power

I sit on the edge of the universe and look out past the stars. In the distance the beginnings of an impending episode spark. A galaxy-wide shift alters the fabric of space so subtly you’d need a jewelers eye to catch it. 

Running my digital pointer over the little battery in the corner of the screen barely a sliver of red reveals that a mere 0:03 remaining. Three minutes left in existence. I have been granted three minutes to surmise my entire life. Three minutes to repent for all my past transgressions. Three minutes to pay homage to all the people who I love and got me to this exact point in time. I must give credit to all those who deserve it. I must give thanks to those who have affected me, better or worse. What can say with three minutes left? Who would you call?  Ghostbusters? My time is nearly up, I wish I had...

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