The Time Chronicles: Episode I Part I

A spark of sunlight burns across the vast horizon of the desolate wasteland. Could be Mars, New Mexico, or another Post-Apocalyptic Hell-scapeWind whistles through the plains whipping dust into the sky. Heat sizzles off the barren ground, obscuring the outline of a solitary traveler walking alone in the distance. A Jawa in search of it's lost droid. 
Woosh! A gust of wind kicks the hood off the tiny sherpa revealing a woman in an animal skin coat, her back hunched under the weight of the heavy woven basket she carries.
No life to speak of; civilization lay in ruin amongst the sand. She looks to her right, where a giant clock tower lay buried like Ozymandias. To her left, a statue of some fallen hero lay in earthen rubble. Her already weathered face frowns into a deep canyon. She grips her coat and soldiers on. 
Traversing a snow-covered mountain by dog sled, canoeing down a dark winding river, and finally hacking her way through a densely wooded forest with a sword, she journeys in search of the perfect spot. She emerges from the brush to find herself standing on a hill overlooking a rolling valley leading down to a river. 

Surveying the land beyond with her hands on her hips, she breathes a sigh of relief. Satisfied, she drops her heavy basket with a thud. She stretches her back feeling the weight lifted off her and lays out a blanket before sitting down to pray. The next day, morning dawns and she concludes her prayer. She removes a small trowel shovel from her bag and then reaches for the basket. 
When she opens it, a golden glow pours over her face like honey. Her eyes shine brightly as she stares into the light. Shaking herself from the daze, she bends down, digs into the dirt, and the light goes out. She stands, wipes her hands clean, stands, rolls up her blanket, collects her meager belongings, and simply walks away. Down in the Earth, she has buried a seed.


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