Inaugural Address

Why are we here? By definition, a mongrel is an individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds or strains. Especially one of unknown ancestry. So are we all mongrels? Don't we share a common ancestry? We all evolved from the same bloodlines many many years ago. How many can say with a straight face that we are Italian or Irish? I've never been to Ireland. Are any of us actually African American? Have you ever been to Africa? If you have, I raise my fist to you.

But then what are we? Sure you can trace your ancestry back a few generations, but what happens after that. Are you royalty? Can you trace your lineage back to Charlemagne? No, you are an American. Native American to be precise. No matter how we arrived or how much tragedy got us to this point, we are here now. The Lion, that represents the spirit of my writing, is Marjan. Rest in peace. Pour a little out. Marjan was a resident of the Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan. In his twenty-three years on Earth, he witnessed two invasions, the rise, and fall of the Taliban, and lost his eye when a grenade was thrown into his den. When the US invaded Afghanistan, he was still there. Keeping watch over the rest of his pride. Which extended beyond his lioness, Chucha, but spread to the wounded birds, mammals, and the pig that lived there. Every day he serves as a reminder that our actions affect the whole world. And it's a beautiful world we live in.
I'd catch a grenade for you
It's ironic that the motive behind my writing is to get you to go outside. The world is changing, without our consent, and often not for the better, but with each other's help, we can have the final say. The point of this blog is to inspire. Living has nothing to do with how many followers you have. It's about doing something that's worth following. Step out of the box. Unplug from the Matrix. This shit's about to go off.

With hope and high vision,

Abe Faria

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